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Living abroad can be a daunting experience, filled with countless decisions and challenges.

The stress of relocation doesn't end with the physical move; it can continue to affect assignees and their families for months and sometimes years to come.

The Leap To Lead has designed a workshop series specifically for assignees and their partners to help navigate the complexities of life abroad and ensure a successful transition.

A series of live, interactive workshops led by an experienced transition and leadership coach, Emily Rogers. With over 20 years of international living experience and expertise in supporting assignee partners, Emily has the insights and tools to support your assignees and their partners to thrive abroad.

What You'll Get:

Live Workshops: Engage in live workshops every 2 months, with each session dedicated to a different topic relevant to families living abroad.

Varied Topics: Explore a range of subjects crucial to life abroad, including maintaining strong connections with loved ones, parenting strategies, nurturing partnerships, building new communities, defining your purpose, and dealing with overwhelm and stress.

Interactive Format: Each workshop is 30 minutes and features Q&A sessions throughout, allowing your assignees and their partners to actively participate and gain personalised insights.

Living abroad doesn't have to be overwhelming. These live workshops provide practical steps and strategies to help your assignees and their partner overcome challenges and make the most of their international experience. 

Topics for the workshops include:

Loving From Afar: Conquer the fear of being separated from loved ones and learn how to maintain strong connections with your family back home.

3 Simple Things Every Parent Needs To Know To Thrive Abroad: Discover simple yet effective strategies that will make your life easier and support your family to thrive in a foreign context.

Partnerships for Success: Reduce the pressure on your relationship and strengthen your connection with your partner, as it directly impacts your parenting and overall well-being.

Creating Your New Community: Learn how to navigate the challenges of making new friends while creating a supportive and fulfilling social network abroad.

Unlocking More From Your Experience: Define your unique purpose and leverage it to guide your decisions, influence your behaviour, and create meaning throughout your expat journey.

Dealing with Overwhelm & Stress: In expat life, there is so much that we have to juggle and normally without any support (extended family etc). There are simple strategies that can manage our stress levels, ensuring we don’t get overwhelmed. 

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Helen Murphy

“My biggest concern was helping my daughter transition. The [workshops] were very helpful and provided me the opportunity to talk about it in a non judging atmosphere. The resources provided were great.” 

Emma Unsworth

“Before the [workshops] I was worried about arriving in a new country, supporting and sorting my family needs, making new friends, and finding time and things for me. The [workshops] gave me focus, with a friendly facilitator brimming with helpful resources”

An Expat Client

“The [workshops] are about helping each other to settle in and cope with this new life. They help to make it more relaxing and less challenging. We have the opportunity to share our experience, and laugh about it!”

About Emily Rogers, The Leap To Lead

Emily is an award winning Transition and Leadership coach. Having lived abroad for over 20 years, her family has spent 12 years moving around Asia, relocating to Auckland, New Zealand at the end of 2019. Both her daughters were born in India, and raising a family in a foreign context has literally transformed their lives.

Emily has experienced first hand what it feels like to move your family and settle into a new country. Dealing with the variety of challenges that living abroad presents, she has developed systems and processes that allow her to settle her family faster and easier. She now uses these systems and processes to support her clients.

With The Leap To Lead, Emily combines her personal experience and professional career in Human Resources to provide support for assignee partners. Working with Emily is your opportunity to provide the care and support that your assignee and their family needs. Whether it's their first move, fifth move or repatriating, you can prevent the potential failure of their assignment.

Book a call now to explore if The Wellbeing Workshop Series is right for your organisation.