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Hi there, I'm Emily!

A highly skilled transition and leadership coach, I have a passion for empowering individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. With over 2 decades of experience in the field, I have helped countless clients navigate through major life transitions and develop the necessary skills to excel in life and at work.

Drawing from my diverse background in psychology, business, and personal development, I use a holistic approach to coaching that addresses both the practical and emotional aspects of change. My empathetic nature and ability to create a safe and supportive environment allows clients to explore their goals, fears, and aspirations with confidence.

As a transition coach, I specialise in helping individuals navigate career changes, life transitions, and personal transformations. Whether it's transitioning into a new role, navigating a career shift, or embarking on a new life chapter, I guide my clients through the challenges, providing them with the tools and strategies needed to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

In the realm of leadership coaching, I work with executives, managers, and emerging leaders to enhance their leadership skills, develop their authentic leadership style, and create high-performing teams. I understand the unique demands of leadership and I provide tailored guidance to cultivate effective communication, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence.

I combine proven techniques, such as goal setting, action planning, and accountability, with innovative approaches that foster personal growth and self-awareness. I firmly believe that true transformation occurs when individuals tap into their inner strengths, challenge limiting beliefs, and embrace their potential to create lasting change. 

Known for my genuine passion for helping others, I am committed to staying current with the latest research, methodologies, and best practices in coaching. Whether you're facing a career transition, seeking personal growth, or looking to enhance your leadership skills, I offer a supportive and transformative coaching experience that empowers you to create meaningful and lasting change in your life and career.

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