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I am the founder of The Leap to Lead and a transition coach for individuals and organizations ready to show up the way they have always desired.

Whether women in leadership positions or stay at home mums who put their career on hold for their family, they wonder if there isn’t more they ought to be doing and they’re ready to take the leap to lead the second act of their lives. Drawing on my experience and the frameworks developed as a senior HR leader across multiple industries, I now empower women to be the leader in their own lives.

I have been featured in various media such as Inc. Magazine and ABC News Australia to share my insights on how to lead your lives and careers through changing environments and transitions.  

As a mum who gave up my career to focus on my family as we moved countries and subsequently launched my own business, I understand the multiple demands that can lead to feeling overwhelmed and a loss of confidence.

I am passionate about providing clarity, developing an action plan and getting things done to see you finally living the life you want. 

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Emily has an energy that connects with any audience. Having worked across Asia Pacific, Emily really gets to the heart of different people and the challenges they face. 
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Emily always enjoys working with others and partnering to deliver value to different audiences.
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Awards & Featured Articles

WINNER! Acquisition International

Acquisition International’s Influential Businesswoman Awards 2020 Best Female Expat Coach & Support 2020

Tandem Nomads

I was interviewed by Amel of Tandem Nomads about how starting my business made me a better mum. Listen to this episode here

ABC News Australia

ABC News Australia: Australian women share their stories of giving birth overseas during coronavirus pandemic. Read more here.

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In Pauline’s 10th Episode we celebrate by chatting through some of my top tips for supporting your family through transition. Check it out here.

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