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A highly skilled transition and leadership coach, I have a passion for empowering individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. 

Drawing from my diverse background in psychology, business, and personal development, I use a holistic approach to coaching that addresses both the practical and emotional aspects of change. My empathetic nature and ability to create a safe and supportive environment allows clients to explore their goals, fears, and aspirations with confidence.

As a transition coach, I specialise in helping individuals navigate career changes, life transitions, moving countries and personal transformations. 

In the realm of leadership coaching, I work with executives, managers, and emerging leaders to enhance their leadership skills, develop their authentic leadership style, and create high-performing teams.

Known for my genuine passion for helping others, whether you're facing a career transition, seeking personal growth, or looking to enhance your leadership skills, I offer a supportive and transformative coaching experience that empowers you to create meaningful and lasting change in your life and career.

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Emily has an energy that connects with any audience. Having worked across Asia Pacific, Emily really gets to the heart of different people and the challenges they face. 

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Emily always enjoys working with others and partnering to deliver value to different audiences.

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WINNER! Acquisition International

Acquisition International’s Influential Businesswoman Awards 2020 Best Female Expat Coach & Support 2020

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