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The Leap To Lead

The Leap To Lead

Hosted by: Emily, The Leap To Lead

Emily Rogers is a highly skilled transition and leadership coach with a passion for empowering individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. With over 2 decades of experience in the field, Emily has...


Building Great Foundations: The Importance of Your Home

Season #1 Episode #37

Renata is an interior designer specialising in residential design for the expat community. In this interview she shares her top tips for your home, and the one thing that is often overlooked but can make a big...
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Adopting aunties and grannies

Season #1 Episode #35

One of the most challenging aspects of moving abroad is the lack of connection with your family. I think this is a key reason that we ‘adopt’ so many into our lives when we are living abroad. 
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Converlation: A Tool For Families with Devices

Season #1 Episode #34

A simple, yet powerful tool focusing on families with 9-14 year olds, Converlation is a way to create meaningful discussions around devices resulting in stronger relationships with your kids.Get more information and...
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My favourite books

Season #1 Episode #33

I read a lot, for pleasure and for my business. I love reading, I always have. Book Clubs excite me, and I love connecting with others and sharing insights and takeaways from different books. I was asked again...
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3 Steps To Become Fun Again

Season #1 Episode #32

Today I am sharing my tips, the 3 steps you can take to become fun again.
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Miscarriage: a season of loss & grief

Season #1 Episode #31

This is a special discussion with a friend, Kachy, who recently suffered the loss of her baby at 13 weeks.In this discussion Kachy opens up about her experience, her loss and her grief. We are sharing Kachy's story...
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It's my birthday!

Season #1 Episode #30

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I love celebrating my birthday, not only because it’s also our wedding anniversary, but I honestly love getting older. 
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When the holidays aren't what you hoped for

Season #1 Episode #29

So, you were hoping to take that trip back home or vacation in your favourite spot… but everything has changed. There are no doubt many of you like me. I had hoped to take the girls to South Australia to see my...
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3 Steps to Reset Yourself

Season #1 Episode #28

Have you ever had that feeling, that something isn’t quite right in your world? That feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is a bit off balance. You’re just not sure what it is that’s not right.
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We all stumble at times, that's the journey

Season #1 Episode #27

Our mindset is so powerful, it can help us achieve great things, but it can also derail us. This week I am sharing my interview with Suzanne, a client who loves her full time job as a teacher, she loves her family,...
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The Opportunities Are Endless

Season #1 Episode #26

In this episode I interview Rachael, a client who has achieved amazing things this year. I am constantly impressed by the way she has shown up for herself and made some big changes in her life."I feel like the...
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Paying it forward

Season #1 Episode #25

I tried something new recently, and I want to share it because it may work for you too.
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