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The Leap To Lead

The Leap To Lead

Hosted by: Emily, The Leap To Lead

Emily Rogers is the founder of The Leap to Lead and a transition coach for individuals and organizations ready to show up the way they have always desired. Whether women in leadership positions or stay at home mums...


Join the movement...

Season #2 Episode #7

We are just 3 weeks away from International Women’s Day, and I know I’m jumping the gun a little, but I really wanted to share this special day with you in advance so you have the opportunity to join the movement.
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The 101 of Setting Boundaries

Season #2 Episode #6

If you have healthy boundaries you are clear about the type of behaviour you accept from other people, but also establish what people can expect from you. 
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4 Steps to move beyond procrastination

Season #2 Episode #5

Do you find yourself struggling to get back into things? Have you noticed you’re procrastinating? Get my tips to move beyond procrastination.
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How to overcome busyness

Season #2 Episode #4

I can’t wait to be busy again, said no one…ever! 
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3 Steps To Take If You Feel Lost

Season #2 Episode #3

Do you find yourself feeling lost, lacking direction and wondering what next?
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What I'm listening to

Season #2 Episode #2

Music has always been a huge part of my life and my taste is rather eclectic, discover the last 20 songs on my playlist.
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2022... I'm ready for you!

Season #2 Episode #1

For me, bringing in a new year feels like a clean slate, a chance to start fresh. I am not someone who sets New Year Resolutions, but I do spend time thinking about the year ahead. 
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Counting Down To Christmas

Season #1 Episode #49

Sharing my top 12 Tips for Christmas in 2021!
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Nurturing Relationships From Afar

Season #1 Episode #48

We feel so torn. While we work really hard to meet new people and create new connections when moving abroad, we also work really hard to maintain the relationships we have back ‘home’. So how do we maintain those...
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What does living the life you want look like?

Season #1 Episode #47

What does living the life you want look like? What are you doing? What are you experiencing? What are you learning? Who or what are you loving? 
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Grief in a pandemic

Season #1 Episode #45

When I surveyed mums recently, it was overwhelming the number of people that have the same fear - not being able to support ageing family members and potentially not seeing them again. 
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Positive Parenting with Deborah Godfrey

Season #1 Episode #44

Deborah Godfrey, certified Parent Educator, brings over 30 years of expertise in the parenting education field.  She helps parents regain control of their home by breaking the cycle of yelling. However, it is...
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