Your Habits

Discover The Potential Of Positive Habits

Thursday 14 September, 12.30pm NZST



Are your daily habits leaving you tired, stressed and irritable?

Maybe your eating or fitness habits are leaving you always feeling blah...

Maybe your sleep hygiene is off balance and you're permanently exhausted...

Maybe your daily routines could do with a rethink because you’re constantly stressed and overwhelmed...

Maybe you feel like everything in life is just too HARD...

I hear you! And I want you to know that inside this masterclass I will support you to make simple changes that will impact not only you, but your family too.

In This Masterclass



What's Holding You Back

Creating positive habits can be challenging for a variety of reasons, together we will examine some of the common factors that might be holding you back.


How To Create Positive Habits

I will share the simple steps you can take to overcome the obstacles and see you create habits that support the lifestyle you want.


Why It Matters

Learning how to form new habits can help you control your impulses and begin to build a lifestyle where you are in control, a lifestyle that is balanced, a lifestyle that is healthier.


Live Hot Seats

Bring your specific challenges to the masterclass and receive personalised, live coaching!

"My situation was very stressful, and my headspace was a mess. Now I am in a much better headspace, and the [masterclass] has helped with that."

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Thursday 14 September, 12.30pm NZST


The replay will be available if you're unable to join live!


A Note From Emily...

I am a transition and leadership coach helping women who want to take the next step in their career or their lives. 

Whether women in leadership positions or stay at home mums who put their career on hold for their family, they wonder if there isn’t more they ought to be doing.

As a mum who gave up my career to focus on my family as we moved countries and subsequently launched my own business, I understand the multiple demands that can lead to feeling overwhelmed and lacking control. 

I am passionate about supporting you to finally live the life you want, and in this masterclass, I will share the habits you can create to finally live your life your way!

See you in the masterclass, 

Emily x