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Are you tired of seeing your leaders struggle? 


Do you need a leadership team that will guide your organisation towards success?


Equip your leaders with the skills, insights, and support they need to thrive in their roles.


The talent shortage is real and your best option is to develop your own people within your organisation.

You know from experience that if not done well, the consequences of poor leadership can be devastating for your organisation, affecting productivity, turn over, morale, absenteeism and more. You know that having a strong leadership team can ultimately determine the success of your organisation. 

In this intensive 6-month leadership coaching program, your leaders will discover a powerful way to strengthen their skills on the job. Through a series of carefully curated coaching sessions, they will gain actionable insights, delve into their leadership style, and identify strategies to lead their teams to unprecedented success.

I believe that leadership is not merely a profession; it is an art to be honed through hands-on experience, coaching, and self-reflection. I understand that the best way to learn is by doing, which is why this program is designed to provide your leaders with the tools and unwavering support they need to excel on the job.

3 Outcomes You Can Expect From The Leadership Lab

How The Leadership Lab Works:

  • Through 12 x 45 min private coaching sessions, your leaders will be guided through a series of proven leadership tools and frameworks. These sessions will not only equip them with valuable insights but also help them implement these strategies effectively in the workplace. Your leaders will emerge with a renewed sense of confidence and clarity, ready to conquer any leadership challenge that comes their way.
  • The Leadership Lab provides tools, resources and worksheets that are tailored to support action in the workplace. These practical resources will enable your leaders to apply their newfound knowledge directly, turning concepts into tangible outcomes.
  • Your leaders will gain access to bonus resources that support each coaching session. These additional materials, ranging from insightful articles to engaging videos, will deepen their understanding and enhance their leadership journey.
  • Moreover, I provide dedicated support throughout the program. Your leaders can ask questions, share their wins, and get unstuck at any time through convenient WhatsApp and Email channels. My commitment to their growth extends beyond the coaching sessions, ensuring they have the guidance they need whenever they need it.

Now is the time to cultivate a strong leadership team that knows how to unlock the full potential of every individual in your organisation. With The Leadership Lab, your leaders will drive growth and inspire others every step of the way.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to reshape your leadership culture!

Susan Moore

Since starting one-to-one coaching with Emily one year ago, my confidence and clarity has crystallised. I have moved from not being able to articulate what I want, to now saying what I want (without a stutter) and advocating for it. My work with Emily has taught me to carve out time for self-reflection, question self-limiting beliefs, clarify my personal goals, and practise the habit-forming behaviours that will help me reach my goals. It’s not uncommon to get stuck mid-career. The confidential coaching has been exactly what I’ve needed to push through. 

A Coaching Client

Pressures on work and home life have arguably increased the last few years. I’d gone from feeling overwhelmed, to disappointed in my work and myself, as well as completely unable to see a pathway forwards. The sessions with Emily were invaluable as she calmly led me through useful exercises which helped me appreciate, and value, my skills and talents. We then built on these insights to identify tangible changes I could make to shift the focus and reap the rewards of my natural skill sets and experience. I highly recommend Emily. She is knowledgeable, incredibly relatable and intuitive, and very experienced.

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A Coaching Client

If you are wanting to achieve a goal but are unsure how to get there Emily has the insight, skills and professionalism to help you. She manages to break down the goal into bite size chunks from the beginning to the end goal in sight. At all times Emily is wise, helpful and very easy to talk to. She has the ability to clear away the clutter occupying your mind and make you see things more clearly. I highly recommend Emily, she has a real gift for helping people and always offers advice with compassion and kindness.

Introducing Emily Rogers:

A highly skilled transition and leadership coach, I have a passion for empowering individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. With over 2 decades of experience in the field, I have helped countless clients navigate through major life transitions and develop the necessary skills to excel in life and at work.

Drawing from my diverse background in psychology, business, and personal development, I use a holistic approach to coaching that addresses both the practical and emotional aspects of change. My empathetic nature and ability to create a safe and supportive environment allows clients to explore their goals, fears, and aspirations with confidence.

In the realm of leadership coaching, I work with executives, managers, and emerging leaders to enhance their leadership skills, develop their authentic leadership style, and create high-performing teams. I understand the unique demands of leadership and I provide tailored guidance to cultivate effective communication, strategic thinking, and emotional intelligence.

I combine proven techniques, such as goal setting, action planning, and accountability, with innovative approaches that foster personal growth and self-awareness. I firmly believe that true transformation occurs when individuals tap into their inner strengths, challenge limiting beliefs, and embrace their potential to create lasting change.

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