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Stop wasting your time, energy and money going to market trying to fill your leadership roles!


The talent shortage is real and your best option is to develop your own people within your organisation.

Are you finding it difficult to fill your leadership roles?


Are you ready to 'make' your talent because you're unable to 'take' it?


Your people have a choice now, show them you care, develop them!

Are you finding it difficult to fill key leadership roles in your organisation? With a tight labour market, you’re considering promoting those with potential from within your organisation rather than wait for the right people to ‘show up’. But you're concerned about how best to support your leaders as you promote them? 

You know from experience that if not done well, the consequences of poor leadership can be devastating for your organisation, affecting productivity, turn over, morale, absenteeism and more. You know that having a strong leadership team can ultimately determine the success of your organisation. 

You seek a more focused approach to developing your leaders. You know that developing leaders doesn’t just happen, it requires a deliberate input of knowledge combined with the opportunity to put learning into action. You want a leadership development option that is tailored to YOUR people in YOUR organisation.

You often lay awake at night worrying about the future of your organisation. With the current business climate, all organisations are feeling the need to increase the strength of their managers and leaders. Developing leaders is about preparing them for the unknown, building skill sets and mindsets that enable your leaders to operate in a disruptive and changing world.  

In a nutshell, you want and need leaders who can adapt quickly and tap into the potential of your entire team. Developing their own authentic leadership style, you want to support your leaders to thrive in their roles.

You’re tired of sending your people on courses only to see zero impact on your organisation. You want to develop your leaders with practical knowledge that they will immediately apply on the job. You want to see their development as it happens.

Do you want to support your leaders with personalised one-on-one leadership coaching?


Are you ready to see your leaders put what they learn into action?


Are you ready to finally have the strong leadership team you need?

Susan Moore

Since starting one-to-one coaching with Emily one year ago, my confidence and clarity has crystallised. I have moved from not being able to articulate what I want, to now saying what I want (without a stutter) and advocating for it. My work with Emily has taught me to carve out time for self-reflection, question self-limiting beliefs, clarify my personal goals, and practise the habit-forming behaviours that will help me reach my goals. It’s not uncommon to get stuck mid-career. The confidential coaching has been exactly what I’ve needed to push through. 

Finally have the strength in your leadership team that you want and need!

Imagine being able to sleep easily at night, knowing that you have the right people in your leadership roles tapping into the potential of your entire team. 

For your organisation to survive and thrive in the current climate it comes down to your people and the leadership they receive. Waiting to provide support for your leaders will not only impact their ability to deliver, but the team as well.

Why is developing your leaders important? Firstly, your leaders will play a substantial role in whether an individual decides to stay or leave your organisation, you want confidence to know that your leaders have the development they need to support and enable your team members.

Effective leadership development creates a higher level of accountability. In addition it supports problem solving, being able to solve problems strategically by analyzing the problem and finding the root of the cause. Both accountability and problem solving skills are critical in the current climate.

In addition, too many professionals get stuck mid career, they’re talented, but don’t know how to lead effectively. This is your opportunity for your organisation to stop them falling behind as the internal and external pressures keep increasing.

The Leadership Lab will strengthen your leaders by providing the tools, the frameworks, the systems AND the opportunity to apply it all on the job. Finally have the strength in your leadership team that you want and need.

Transform how you develop your leaders with The Leadership Lab.

In this 6 month leadership coaching program your leaders will feel relief that there is a way to strengthen their skills on the job. They will gain actionable insights, understanding their style and identify how they can lead successfully.

Leadership is a craft not a profession, you learn by doing, through coaching and reflecting on your actions and mistakes. It is time to provide your leaders with the tools and the support they need to learn on the job.

It is time to have a strong leadership team that knows how to get the best out of everyone in your team.

3 Outcomes You Can Expect From The Leadership Lab

How The Leadership Lab Works:

  • 12 x private 45 minute coaching sessions that will work through various leadership tools and frameworks as well as how to implement each in the workplace, including coaching notes and action plan as a record of each session 
  • Printable worksheets that will support action in the workplace 
  • Bonus resources that support each module 
  • Dedicated support to ask questions, share wins and get unstuck via WhatsApp & Email 

One Off Payment


  • 12 x private coaching sessions
  • Printable worksheets 
  • Bonus resources
  • Support via WhatsApp or Email
  • Pay up front and save NZ$985

6 x Monthly Payments


  • 12 x private coaching sessions
  • Printable worksheets 
  • Bonus resources
  • Support via WhatsApp or Email
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A Coaching Client

If you are wanting to achieve a goal but are unsure how to get there Emily has the insight, skills and professionalism to help you. She manages to break down the goal into bite size chunks from the beginning to the end goal in sight. At all times Emily is wise, helpful and very easy to talk to. She has the ability to clear away the clutter occupying your mind and make you see things more clearly. I highly recommend Emily, she has a real gift for helping people and always offers advice with compassion and kindness.

Emily Rogers is the founder of The Leap to Lead and a transition coach for individuals and organizations ready to show up the way they have always desired.

Whether women in leadership positions or stay at home mums who put their career on hold for their family, they wonder if there isn’t more they ought to be doing and they’re ready to take the leap to lead the second act of their lives. 

Drawing on her experience and the frameworks developed as a senior HR leader across multiple industries, Emily now empowers women to be the leader in their own lives.

Emily has been featured in various media such as Inc. Magazine and ABC News Australia to share her insights on how to lead our lives and careers through changing environments and transitions. 

As a mum who gave up her career to focus on family as they moved countries and subsequently launched her own business, she understands the multiple demands that can lead to feeling overwhelmed and a loss of confidence. 

She is passionate about providing clarity, developing an action plan and getting things done to see you finally living the life you want. 

Click here to schedule a FREE 30 minute call to discuss if The Leadership Lab is right for your organisation