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Feeling Lost? Try This Today

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The Leap To Lead
Feeling Lost? Try This Today

If I asked you a question - in a year's time, what do you want to be doing, feeling and experiencing? What would your answer be?

It’s a relatively simple question. Yet it is a question that can literally stop you in your tracks. It may even make you feel quite emotional. You might feel a sense of excitement, if you’re on your path and you know where your journey is going, anticipating that can be really exciting. But perhaps you have a sense of loss and maybe you tear up a little, because you just don’t know. You have no idea how to answer that question. 

It is really common for women at a certain age and stage of life, to feel this sense of loss. 

Perhaps you have been enjoying working and juggling your family and work life, but something has tipped you over the edge and you aren’t happy anymore, you feel lost in the busyness of it all and you’re wondering what next. 

Or perhaps you gave up your career for your family, and you’ve loved supporting them, being there for them and it has been rewarding, but when you think about the future you wonder if there isn’t more you ought to be doing. What that something is, leaves you feeling lost.

As women, and especially as mothers, we get lost in the sheer busyness of life. We focus on the immediate tasks at hand, rather than looking ahead to what we really want to be doing, feeling and experiencing. 

Frankly, we forget who we are. We lose a sense of self. We have no idea what we’re even good at - except for being a great mum of course LOL! But who would want these skills? 

It is easy to get lost in your family, being someone’s mum, someone’s partner, someone’s sister, someone’s daughter. But who are you really? 

Without a strong sense of self, without that core knowledge of what you want to be doing, feeling, and experiencing and knowing the path your own, it can leave you with a loss of confidence. You can’t see how special you are. You can’t see your truly unique skills and strengths. You think you’re the same as everyone else. Perhaps you even feel a bit worthless. 

Feeling lost isn’t always a ‘bad thing’, not if you use it as a sign that you’re ready to start exploring and leading your second act. Start exploring what the next phase of your life is going to look like? What does your leap look like?

Start today, make a list of all your skills and experiences. List absolutely everything you can think of. Ask your family and friends, what do they see as your skills? 

Then grab a pretty pen or highlighter and mark those that are your strengths. Don’t be shy, feel proud of all that you can do, and that you do well! Don’t judge what you’ve written down, and definitely don’t assume it’s something everyone does well. 

When you’re ready, ask yourself which are your key strengths. Which do you want to use more in your life? How do they show up for you? To identify your leap, you need to be really clear on your strengths, using them to then inform how you want to use them, what do you want to be doing, feeling and experiencing? When you’re clear on what that looks like, you are ready to lead your second act. 

A word of caution, you’re not answering this ‘for the rest of my life’, you’re answering this for right now, a year from now. What makes sense? We often try to over complicate things and then never make progress, so focus on the here and now. 

I have a free strengths assessment that might help you with this, you can download this now ‘What Am I Good At?’ - 

Now that you have clarity of your strengths, and you know how you want to use them, this is when you create an action plan for yourself. What do you need to do today, tomorrow, next week to make this a reality for yourself. Put it in your diary and make time for it. Make time for yourself, your most important project!

If this sounds like something you would like to explore further privately in a one on one conversation, I invite you to book a call with me. Let’s connect and talk about your situation and how you can change it. This is a FREE call, there is no obligation, simply allow me the opportunity to support you. 

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