Empower You: Strengths Assessment

Feeling stuck in a rut? Take action now to stop the spiral. This free assessment will help you identify your key strengths so you can start using them in your life and get out of the trap.


Let me guess...

You feel tired (all the time) and you’re snapping at your loved ones (without even meaning to). I know you feel guilty, but you don’t know how to change it. Instead you find yourself bingeing your favourite series and grabbing the chocolate. I get it, I’ve been there too. The key to changing how you feel about your life is to know your strengths (yes, you have strengths!) so you can start to shift it. 

Start The Change Today!

With this Strengths Assessment, you will:

Have Greater Impact

When you focus on your strengths you’re able to take advantage of opportunities and focus on the things that have the biggest impact.

Be More Resourceful

Using your strengths allows you to become more resourceful in the difficult moments that happen in life.

Make Better Decisions

Knowing your strengths will help you make better decisions every day, your life, career, goals and circumstances.

Gain More Confidence

Using your strengths enables you to contribute more value to others and the world around you, improving your levels of self confidence. 

I'm Emily Rogers

One evening my eldest spilled her glass of milk and I lost it, I was a screaming lunatic. Then I saw the fear in her eyes and I realised this is not who I want to be, I made a decision that night to change.

That change started with re-learning me, and the key was identifying my strengths. Today I have an amazing connection with my daughters, we are a team.

I now use my own process to help people just like you rediscover the life they’ve always desired, showing up the way they truly want. It starts with knowing your strengths and deciding how you want to use them in your life. 

“I was exhausted! I have learned to focus more on myself, I am more relaxed and happier now, and that makes my kids happier too!”

- A Busy Mum

"My situation was very stressful, my headspace was a mess. Now I'm in a much better headspace, the {assessment} has helped with that."

- A Stressed Mum

"I felt like I was in a ball pit, all the balls were in the air and I just had to grab what I could. Now I realise I have to prioritise and rely on my strengths"

- An Exhausted Mum

Empower You: Strengths Assessment

Know exactly what your strengths are AND be in a position to start using them in your life, creating a solid foundation for having the life you want.