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Break Free from Exhaustion's Grip

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The Leap To Lead
Break Free from Exhaustion's Grip

Do you feel utterly drained by the end of the day? Are you collapsing onto the couch with the sense that you just can't bear it anymore? If this sounds familiar, it's possible that exhaustion has led to some rather unfortunate consequences in your life. Let's explore a few of these and consider what you can do differently.

Resentment Towards Your Family

After years of shouldering the motherly responsibilities, you've grown accustomed to carrying the load day in and day out. It's always you who's expected to handle everything, but now you’re wondering why no one else is stepping up. Why does it always have to be this way?

Snapping at Your Loved Ones

You've noticed that you're increasingly short-tempered with your kids and partner. The tiniest things seem to accumulate until you explode. You're aware you shouldn't raise your voice, get sarcastic, or be grumpy, yet you find it challenging to restrain these outbursts.

Skipping Self-Care

Yesterday, you skipped your exercise routine, rationalising that you had too much on your plate. But let's be honest, you did find time for at least 20 minutes of mindless phone scrolling. You know that exercising would make you feel better, but establishing it as a routine is just too hard!


Have you noticed yourself reflexively saying "yes" to every request without considering the consequences? Your kids can likely pour their own drinks and make their own snacks, yet you habitually do it all for them. It's high time to start saying "no" to some of these minor tasks and stop trying to please everyone… all the time!

Talking Yourself Out of Pursuing Dreams

Do you sometimes stumble upon exciting opportunities or something that piques your interest, only to talk yourself out of taking the necessary steps to explore them further? Your indecision, overthinking, and apprehension keep you from experiencing the life you desire and being present in the moment.

If you're wondering how your life reached this point and allowed exhaustion to create these problems, it's important to recognise that the daily grind has made these circumstances seem normal.

Are you eager to regain your energy and shift these outcomes? Here are some practical tips:

Reduce Screen Time

Limit TV watching to a single episode of your favourite show, and allocate only five minutes a day for catching up on social media. Cutting back on screen time not only preserves your energy but also enhances the quality of your sleep if you avoid screens before bedtime.

Establish Routines

Embrace the power of routines, particularly within the family. Create a checklist on your fridge, so everyone knows their responsibilities and can follow through. Discuss and fine-tune these routines together to foster accountability and alleviate the burdens you carry.

Learn to Say No

Understand that it's perfectly acceptable to decline tasks and commitments. As a mother, the desire to do it all is natural, but overextending yourself benefits no one. Saying no empowers you to regain control of your life.

Play To Your Strengths

Identify your key strengths and use these in your life. By concentrating on your strengths, your positivity and overall energy is increased. You can use your strengths to work through your challenges and focus on the things that are important to you.

These steps may appear straightforward, and you might be familiar with them, but if you've recognized the impact of exhaustion on your life, then today is the ideal moment to take action and reclaim your energy.

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