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Her Life: Women & Leadership

Season #3

Welcome to "Her Life: Wisdom and Tips For Every Woman". Life is often characterised by seasons of transition and self-discovery. This series is about sharing stories, experiences, wisdom and practical tips for women no matter where they are or what they’re doing right now.

In this episode we hear from Katy McFee of Insights To Action. Katy shares her experience and insights into women's careers, the challenges for aspiring leaders and the future for women in leadership. 

Katy spent 18 years of her career in tech and biotech, eventually working her way up to EVP, Sales. Along the way she sold a ton of products to different markets, introduced many brand new technologies, built a commercial organisation from scratch, and scaled a hyper-growth team to achieve 9 digit growth in 2 years. 

Despite this success, Katy struggled with her transition from Manager to Director to VP, and even questioned if she was cut out to be a senior executive. Finally, Katy ‘figured it out’. A light went on, and she had the confidence, knowledge and skills that she needed to be an impactful leader. 

Katy’s mission is to help others get there by sharing what she has learned. She has developed actionable advice that she can share through her consulting and coaching services.

In this episode with Katy you will:

  • Learn about the challenges women face getting to senior levels
  • Discover a powerful narrative for Imposter Syndrome
  • How you can avoid some of the common mistakes women make
  • Hear insights on the future for women in leadership


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