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Her Life: Simplifying Your Life

Season #3

Welcome to "Her Life: Wisdom and Tips For Every Woman". Life is often characterised by seasons of transition and self-discovery. This series is about sharing stories, experiences, wisdom and practical tips for women no matter where they are or what they’re doing right now.

In this episode we hear from Angie Hyche of Shipshape Solutions. Angie is an author, speaker, podcaster, and certified professional organiser (CPO®) living in East Tennessee. Her years of experience working with clients with her organising company Shipshape Solutions give her unique insights into both the challenges of clutter and disorganisation and the freedom and peace that order can bring. Now she brings that wisdom into her writing, speaking, and podcasting. Her goal is to help listeners and readers simplify their lives so they can focus on what's most important and spend time doing what they love.

Her first book, Unholy Mess: What the Bible Says about Clutter was published on Amazon in December 2020. Angie is partnering with author and former professional organiser Liana George for a podcast called Uncluttered: Shaping Your Heart & Home for What Matters Most, which launched in January 2023 on YouTube, Apple podcasts, and many other podcast platforms. Their book of the same title will be published in 2024 by Scrivenings Press. Both Unholy Mess and Uncluttered provide biblical motivation and practical tips for removing cluttering of all types from our lives so we can focus on what and Who matters most.

In this episode with Angie you will:

  • Learn that clutter is beyond the piles of stuff
  • Understand how clutter can impact your health and wellbeing
  • Discover why clutter becomes so hard to deal with
  • And get tips to simplify your life

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