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Will you embrace change?

Apr 16, 2024
The Leap To Lead
Will you embrace change?

I am sitting with a warm cup of tea in my hand, and I'm thinking about the tapestry of stories that life stitches together, especially for us women. I recall my own story, a tale of putting my career on hold to support my husband's career path through Asia. It was an adventure, yes, and one that led me to places I never expected.

Like many of you, I’ve faced life transitions head-on. Shortly after we were married, I lifted the anchor of my own career in support of hubby. And while that decision was founded in  love and excitement for the adventure, after time it also unravelled feelings of being adrift, of losing a piece of my identity.

Life transitions come in many forms: moving continents and countries like me, a career change, becoming a mother, children leaving the nest, or even the end of a marriage. Each transition carries its own weight, its own unique blend of emotions and challenges. They impact our lives profoundly, affecting our identities, reshaping our daily routines, and forcing us to re-evaluate our priorities.

I know what you're going through, so let me share this – from personal upheaval came clarity. Through the fog of uncertainty and loss, I began to carve a path of my own. Yes, I had moments where my patience wore thin (I’ve shared the story of spilled milk recently), where I reached for the chocolate a little too often (my jeans did not thank me!), where my voice carried the sharp edge of stress rather than the soft warmth of understanding. I'm no stranger to the struggle.

Yet, it’s these very challenges that have polished the stone of my resilience, revealing a brilliance beneath (if I don’t say so myself LOL). These twists and turns propelled me towards a new horizon, igniting the passion for my own business where I don't just survive; I thrive serving amazing women just like you.

So my friend, I want you to know that life's transitions are not a path we have to walk alone. The value of sharing the journey with someone who understands cannot be understated. Work with me as your coach because a coach offers not just support, but a mirror to reflect your innermost strengths, a compass to navigate through the challenges, and accountability to guide you towards a life of clarity. No matter what outcome you are seeking, working with me can help you get there faster and with more confidence.

Which is why I am super excited to share that my coaching doors are open. I will be taking on 3 new clients in May and one of those spots has your name on it. Together, we can turn the page on what was and script a new chapter of what will be. Remember, from the trials of change emerges a newfound strength. With each step, know that you’re not just moving forward; you're preparing to soar.
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