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The Science Of Happiness

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The Science Of Happiness

Have you found yourself feeling flat lately? Maybe you need a little tune up, think of servicing your car. It's something you do regularly because that’s what keeps it running well. Have you ever thought of doing the same for yourself? How you might ask? Well I find it’s always useful to have a model to work with, so when my fitness instructor shared the PERMA model during our upper body work out yesterday, I did some more research. 

Have you ever wondered what truly makes us feel content and fulfilled? It turns out, happiness isn't just a fleeting emotion; it's a science. Enter the PERMA model, a well-regarded blueprint in positive psychology that breaks down the essential elements of a happy life. 

Positive Emotions

This one might seem obvious, but it's about more than just feeling good. It's about savouring the little moments and allowing ourselves to experience joy, gratitude, and hope. Have you taken a moment to smile at the sun today, or to appreciate a heartwarming message from a friend?


When we're fully absorbed in activities we enjoy, we experience what's called 'flow.' Think about a time when you were so engrossed in a task that time seemed to stand still. That's engagement at its best – losing ourselves in something we love doing.


We are social creatures by nature. Meaningful connections with others contribute significantly to our happiness. Whether it's deep conversations with a loved one or a simple act of kindness, our relationships are cornerstones in the foundation of our well-being.


We all need a 'why' in our lives. Contributing to something larger than ourselves provides us with purpose and fulfilment. What's something you believe in, something that adds meaning to your daily life?


Setting goals and achieving them gives us a sense of accomplishment. Big or small, personal or professional, achievements boost our confidence and enhance our life satisfaction.

When we weave these elements together, we create a map of well-being that enriches our lives immeasurably. The PERMA model isn't just a guide; it's a reminder that happiness is multifaceted and, more importantly, achievable.

So, if you’re feeling a little flat, maybe you need to tweak one of these elements of your life. As always, don’t try and overhaul everything, just find the one or two small changes you can start making today to live a happier life.


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