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Knowing When You Need Support

coaching lead your life positive personal change self improvement take the leap Jul 11, 2023
The Leap To Lead
Knowing When You Need Support

We can often find ourselves grappling with personal and professional challenges, challenges that require additional guidance and support. And while you can read more books and scroll through some of the amazing resources available online, there is something really powerful in working with a coach.

Making the decision to invest in yourself is hard, for many reasons. From the financial investment to the time and energy investment; from the fear of what change might look like, to being comfortable making yourself a priority. 

When I decided that I wanted (and needed) to work with Amel, my coach, it was a really tough moment for me. Not only was I putting myself out there to my family, that I needed support, but I was taking money from our savings to pay for it. 

The guilt I experienced was incredible. When I considered what that amount of money would cover in terms of school fees, work around the house, even potential family holidays. But then at the same time, I am ok with putting money into these things, why can’t I invest in myself? I contribute a great deal to the family, why can’t I ask for something in return? The guilt though, is real. Even once I was able to rationalise the benefits that coaching would provide me and my business, there was still an underlying icky feeling. I had to be strong in my mindset, I had to be clear in my mind that this was important to me, and it would be important to my family too. 

Working with my coach was a family contribution. And there is an upside to the family contributing, and that is that I include them more in what I’m doing, what I’m thinking. We celebrate my wins together, just last weekend we had dinner at a local restaurant to celebrate an important milestone in my business. It was really fun to get dressed up and go out together, as we walked to the restaurant the girls peppered me with questions about the win and as they learned more about it they were really excited for me. 

Making my decision to work with a coach was truly a balance of costs and benefits. Yes, there is a financial cost that I’m asking the family to provide, also the time and energy cost. The benefits I achieved through our work together are priceless. From the very first question Amel asked me, everything started to shift for me. There is incredible power in having someone else’s view, someone objective and able to ask those deeper questions. As a result of our work together, I can continue to grow with complete clarity, knowing my personal and business goals and my plan to get there. I know I’m on the right track, and that is empowering!

It’s not just me that struggles to make the investment in themselves. It is often the first conversation I have with clients, how hard it was to make the decision to invest in their personal growth. In fact, one client shared that she got my proposal the same day she received a quote to replace the gutters on her house. It actually made the decision a little easier for her, if she could feel comfortable spending money on the house, then she could spend it on herself too!

Working with a coach is like a personal trainer for your mind and soul. Yes you could work on your fitness at home and over a period of time you would get great results. But if you worked with a personal trainer who pushed you, challenged you to go that little bit further and kept you accountable, you know you will get those results even faster. A coach provides that same support for the personal and professional challenges you’re facing. 

I know that I could have continued downloading freebies, and tuning into podcasts, I could have continued to use google to get answers to my questions. But working with Amel literally changed my life. Working with a coach is about more than just the immediate question on your mind, it touches every aspect of your life. As a result of our work together I am a better person, and my business is more profitable. I could have done it on my own, but it would have taken soooo much longer. 

As I shared last week, my decision was influenced by the advice my dad gave me. It was also motivated by a belief that I could do more, that I could be even better, that I could show up more. Working with a coach is about being challenged, it’s about the great questions they can ask you, it’s about fast tracking a shift, a change in your life. Investing in a coach is an investment in yourself, as they provide the guidance, support, and motivation necessary to accelerate your growth and unlock new possibilities. 

Would I work with a coach again, absolutely! Nothing in life is static, there is a constant need to improve and continue to grow. 

I invite you to ask yourself now, what is it that you want and how are you going to get it?

If working with a coach can get you there faster, could solve the challenge you’re facing, I invite you to book a free call with me now. Let’s talk about you and your unique situation and how coaching could support you -

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