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Is your path clear?

coaching lead your life self improvement supporting mums take the leap Sep 27, 2022
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Is your path clear?

Life has a way of showing us the path we need to take, I like to call it the silver linings. The things that I wouldn’t have done or experienced if this drama, disaster or curve ball hadn’t occurred. And I like to think I’m quite good at finding silver linings... well let’s just say I’m experienced at it! 

The problem is, to have a silver lining you also have to have a storm cloud. You have to take the crappy stuff to find the good stuff.  Some people call it fate, or serendipity. Some people have a deeper faith and they feel it's the hand of god steering them. Whatever or whoever it is, things happen in life. All the time.

Recent years have been no different. Between natural disasters, the pandemic and now the looming recession and financial crisis. There have been (and continue to be) a lot of storm clouds. 

So I want to ask you now, have you discovered your silver lining yet? 

Many of my clients and the women I’m talking to, have found the past few years have provided an opportunity to recognise that they want something more from life. While this may have been a dormant feeling previously, between lock downs, home schooling and cancelled plans, there have been more opportunities to feel that something just isn’t quite right.

If you are in this space, then it is also important to recognise the signs. It’s important to know the signs that life is wanting you to do something different. So today I am sharing the most common signs that you simply cannot afford to ignore any longer.

Wondering if there is more

So many of us spend our nights laying awake pondering, is this all there is? Surely there’s more to life than this? There is this constant nagging feeling that not everything is 100% satisfactory in life. 

If this is you, then stop wondering and start articulating what’s showing up for you. Start a journal - write down what’s playing on your mind. Then write down three actions to take towards this.

Feeling resentful

Oh dear. Hands up ladies, if this is you. You give everything to your family. All your time and energy goes into ensuring they have everything they need. You are constantly trying to meet all their random wants. At the end of the day, you just want to loose your sh*t and scream, “but what about me?”

We all do it. But we are our own worse enemies. No one is going to give us more time and energy. No one is going to read our minds that we’ve had enough. No one is going to hear our soul begging for more in our lives. We have to make it happen for ourselves!

How? Allocate out the chores. Say no to the random demands. And carve out a little moment for yourself, take that magazine and sit in the sunshine by yourself for 10 minutes, go for a quick walk around the block. You will feel so much better for it. 

Struggling to get clear on your goals

Whether you want to learn a new skill. Start volunteering. Return to part time work. Get that promotion. Show up more for your family. No matter what your big why is, you need to break it down into little steps so you don’t get lost.

Write down what your big why is. What is important to you, that you want to achieve. Then identify the smaller actions that you can take now to start working towards your big goals. 

Make sure these are really clear, then put them in your diary. Carve out an hour or two each week to work on it. Make it a priority for that hour, and don’t give that time away. Once you start you will gain momentum and everything gets easier once the momentum starts!

Wondering if you’ve left it all too late

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks… or can you? Frankly does it really matter? It is never too late to have a goal, to have a dream. But why wait any longer? Start now. 

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