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Is an easier life calling you?

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The Leap To Lead
Is an easier life calling you?

Ah, the motherload. That constant companion women carry day in, day out, encompassing both the physical and mental burdens of life. Today I want to support you to move beyond the motherload, it is time to redefine this load for ourselves and start today to live an easier life. 

While men may wrestle with stress primarily in their work lives, women are juggling an additional mental load associated with family responsibilities and life organisation. Ok, so that may be too simplistic, but I’m not talking about regular stress. I’m talking about the ceaseless planning and coordination that accompanies life. 

Even without children at home, women find themselves orchestrating the timing of household chores, grocery shopping, bill payments, car maintenance, and social logistics. It’s a relentless mental loop. And it often leaves us feeling guilty or doubting our capabilities whenever we drop a ball or, heaven forbid, take a moment for ourselves.

When we feel burdened by the motherload, we take it out on those we love most. We’re snappy with our partners, we yell at our kids, we feel frustrated by everything.

Does it always have to be this way? NO. 

The feelings of frustration, snappiness, and exhaustion don't have to be permanent. There's a way to move beyond the motherload and redefine your life. If you find yourself nodding along, ask yourself this: If there were no barriers, how would your life look? Take a moment to imagine a life without constraints on your time and energy. What changes would you make?

Consider taking a walk with this question in mind, giving yourself the space to meditate on it. Alternatively, doodle your thoughts on a piece of paper or journal about it. The key is to create a moment for reflection. A moment to capture what is tipping you over and pull it back into balance, a chance to make life a little easier. 

We all face the motherload, and there will be times when it feels overwhelming. I am not immune, however these days I am better at recognising it. Now when I find myself in the midst of this overwhelm, if I’ve snapped at the girls or feel that mental spiral starting, I know I need to walk. This gives me the time and space to press reset, allowing me to meditate on what I want to do differently. By the time I get back, I will have at least one action to take immediately, to ensure that I start moving forward again.

So ask yourself right now, what changes would you make if there were no barriers? If you can identify a change you want to make, what is one small action you can start today to move towards it. Perhaps it's as simple as turning off your phone at a specific time or dedicating 10 minutes a day solely for yourself (to do whatever you want!)

Write it down and make a commitment to yourself. If it’s 10 minutes a day, put it in your diary. It is time for you to step into an easier life. 

I want to see you live a life of genuine happiness and empowerment, a life that is easier without the burden of the motherload. If you want my support, book a FREE clarity session with me today. In just 30 minutes I will support you to find where you’re stuck and create an action plan to move forward. These sessions are limited and available for one week only, until 29 February. Book your free clarity session now - 


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