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How many mindsets do you have?

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How many mindsets do you have?

Society over the past few years talks a lot about mindset, we all generally know how important your mindset is to everyday life and achieving what you truly want. 

What is mindset? Our mindset is our compass. It guides our decisions, actions, and perspectives. Our mindset shapes our perception of the world and ultimately influences our success and happiness. 

With that in mind, here's a slightly different lens on mindset. Have you considered that for your different roles in life, you need a different mindset? I’m a daughter, I’m a wife, I’m a mother, I’m a coach, I’m a speaker. Each of those roles requires a different mindset from me. We usually don’t think about each role we have in life and take the time to define what our mindset ought to be for that specific role. 

My mindset as a mother may be patience, love and respect. While my mindset as a coach may be clarity, growth and taking action. As you can see, the mindset for just these 2 roles require quite different things from me. 

So I want to ask you now, how many mindsets do you have? Have you ever considered that you don’t have to have just one mindset, that you can have a different mindset for the different aspects of your life. 

Ask yourself now, what is my work mindset? What is my mindset as a partner? What is my mindset as a parent? 

When you take a moment to think about your roles and what mindset might be required, what pops up for you? Think about the three or four descriptors for each of your mindsets. 

Consider how each mindset you have is different, or perhaps there are similarities? What do your different mindsets look like for you?

Now that you can identify your different mindsets, consider how you transition between each role and therefore each mindset. Are you rushing home from work, clearing emails while you're in the car park, making calls while driving and getting home with all of that work energy and work mindset still active? 

Consider that past week, what does it look like when you enter your home at the end of the day? Is it a collision of different energies and mindsets? I know from myself and the work I do with my clients, that if you don’t create a marker between different aspects of your life, it can feel like a collision. 

Instead, consider how you can transition between roles and mindsets. Coming home from work, is there a playlist you can listen to that supports you to transition to your home mindset, enabling you to leave your work day behind you. Likewise when heading to work in the morning, is there a transition you can create between the hustle and bustle of getting everyone out the door on time, to your work mindset.

For one client, it’s as simple as parking the car at work and taking a 5 minute walk down the street before she enters the office. Thinking not only about the priorities she has for the day ahead, but shifting her mindset from the debate she just had with her teenage daughter to the important discussion she needs to have with her manager. Another client, as she swipes her pass to enter the building says “I belong here and I will do well at xxx today”. It’s a daily mantra that supports her to shift from home to work mindset seamlessly. 

Once you’re able to identify the different roles you have, you can identify the mindsets that support each role. When you are clear about your different mindsets, you can focus on how you transition between roles and mindsets. Create boundaries and markers for yourself, delineate between work and home, between social and family. Knowing your different mindsets and transitioning between them, will support you to show up as your best self in each of your roles in life. 


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