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It's A Fantastic Five

coaching lead your life positive personal change self improvement take the leap Nov 07, 2023
The Leap To Lead
It's A Fantastic Five

This past week marked a significant milestone for me, my business turned five! The journey from the first support group to this point has been incredible, and it’s been filled with personal and professional ups and downs. I've faced challenges, celebrated successes, and grown in ways I could never have imagined when I started five years ago.

I've experienced remarkable changes, from relocating to New Zealand to facing the heart-wrenching loss of dad to cancer. I've witnessed my daughters become tween/teens and I took the bold step to rebrand in April 2022. This journey has been a roller coaster ride, testing my resilience in moments of adversity, but I've always continued to move forward, always taking that next step.

Five years, it really does feel like a substantial duration marked by learning and growth. To celebrate this milestone, I'd like to share five key lessons I've learned since embarking on this journey.

First and foremost, I've come to realise that I am capable, just like anyone else. I may appear to have some secret formula for success, but the truth is, I'm an ordinary person, much like you. I grapple with the same mindset challenges that many women face. However, I've reached this point by making daily conscious choices about my actions and behaviours. It's not always easy, but every day, I decide what the next step is and follow through. Sometimes it's a small, incremental move, and other times it's a bold, creative leap. I've been fortunate to witness the impact I can have on others, and that self-belief has been a crucial asset in navigating tough times.

My second lesson is that there are people who want to support and help me. Launching my own business was a deliberate decision, but I initially had no clear idea about what it would entail. The turning point was deciding to work with Amel, she has been an exceptional coach and mentor over these past five years, especially in the last year when I needed guidance to overcome obstacles. Her unwavering support, probing questions, and valuable insights have been instrumental in transforming my business.

Additionally, my accountability partner Wick, has been a constant source of encouragement since we took a course together in September 2020. We chat weekly about our goals, exchange ideas, and provide mutual support to bring them to fruition. Sometimes, we even manage to meet for a walk around Cornwall Park!

Beyond these remarkable individuals, countless people have supported me throughout this journey. I've learned that the real challenge lies in asking for help when needed. There's a genuine willingness in people to offer guidance and share their wisdom if you reach out. I'm immensely grateful for the wonderful people in my life and the support they've provided.

My third lesson is that life is not meant to be simple; it's a dynamic, ever-changing journey. Life isn't designed to be easy or uncomplicated. It's through the highs, lows, and sideways steps that we learn, grow, and gain the confidence to move forward. I once asked Amel what I didn't know and what questions I should be asking next. Her response, though light-hearted, was profound: "If I told you everything, you wouldn't get to experience the journey." This past year has reinforced the idea that we each have our unique path, our individual journey. No one can show us exactly what it looks like; we have to experience it ourselves, learning and growing along the way.

Lesson number four, you just never know how or when you’re impacting someone else’s life. It never ceases to amaze me when I'm talking with someone and they reference a post I’ve written or a podcast episode I’ve shared. Every week I share content, and I do try to align myself with topics that are important at the time, but sometimes it also feels like there’s no one there. So when I hear that something I have shared impacted others, I feel truly humbled and so blessed that I have this opportunity. So today I extend my deepest gratitude to you reading or listening to this, thank you for sharing your time and energy with me.

My fifth lesson is that women's issues have evolved, but many remain unchanged. While I work with both men and women, I am particularly passionate about supporting women. As a transition and leadership coach focused on empowering women, I'm deeply committed to improving outcomes for them. Women continue to grapple with issues related to self-confidence, the challenges of balancing life, and maintaining visibility in the workplace. They often bear a mental load that men do not experience. I aim to shed light on these issues, share my experiences, and empower women further.

Perhaps these lessons are not groundbreaking, but they are accompanied by a deep appreciation for the journey. My path has not been easy, and I am constantly learning and evolving. There is more ahead for me, but after five years, I am happy, I am empowered, and I am excited to celebrate.

Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for your ongoing support. 

If I can do anything for you, if I can help you in any way please drop me an email, DM me on social or book a call with me. Allow my celebration to be an opportunity to take the next step in your journey. 

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