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Finding Your Flow

coaching lead your life positive personal change supporting mums take the leap May 17, 2022
The Leap To Lead
Finding Your Flow

 Being busy is often a badge that mums wear without really thinking about it. But what if you could have flow instead? How would that serve you and your family better?

You’re an amazing Uber Mum, you get your family where they need to be, with everything on hand that they need to have. You’re an amazing cook, cleaner, personal assistant, laundry technician. You can do it all! 

You’re super busy, you are constantly rushing from one appointment to the next errand. Your day is full, and let’s face it you barely have time to stop for lunch.

You can juggle multiple tasks, you can meet multiple and sometimes conflicting demands. You are quite skilled at making it look easy too.

When you flop on the couch at the end of the day, you feel exhausted. You don’t feel like you could fit anything more into your day. Ok, so you skipped your exercise, but you will get to that tomorrow. You’re absolutely stuffed! 

It dawns on you that while you’ve been busy, you’ve also run yourself completely ragged. Ok, so the errands are done. And yes, the kids had everything they needed too. But does it always have to feel this exhausting? 

What if you could have flow instead? 

If you have ever felt completely absorbed in something, feeling pure enjoyment and contentment, you might have been experiencing a mental state that psychologists refer to as flow. 

Achieving flow can help you feel greater enjoyment, energy, and involvement. Flow also has a number of benefits. It is associated with increased happiness, higher motivation, greater creativity, and better emotional regulation.

Do you find yourself wanting better balance? Wanting more for yourself, such as time to follow your own interests, perhaps starting that project that you keep putting off or maybe even returning to work. But you can’t see how you can fit it in when you’re already so busy and feeling exhausted doing what you’re doing.

I want to share with you now, you can move beyond feeling wishful about your life, you can find flow in your life. Feeling exhausted and frustrated doesn’t have to be permanent, you can change the way you feel. 

You can start by having a specific goal, or choosing a challenge, perhaps pursuing an enjoyable project. What is something that you want to achieve? 

Once you’re clear about your goal, you need to minimize the distractions around you, giving yourself time and energy to focus on what is important to you. Rather than just being busy all the time, carve out moments of your day that are just for you.

I encourage you to take action now to remove the lock that’s been holding you back for so long. This is your opportunity to find flow and start loving your day again.

If you’re ready to take action, but you’re not sure where to start, The Productivity Lab may be for you. You can change your life by taking a few simple steps. Waiting and hoping this frustration and exhaustion will pass will only hurt your confidence and your ability to change it in the long term. 

Think of this as your kick in the butt to take action now! You know you can’t rely on someone else to fix your life. You also know that if you don’t take action, you’ll feel the same a year from now, and the year after that, and so on.

The Productivity Lab is a short, online course where you will find relief knowing that there are genuine reasons you feel this way, but more importantly you will know how to change it.

Thanks to the simple steps you will take back control of your life. You will establish positive routines, and finish your day feeling good about yourself and what you have done.

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