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Finding Your Big Why

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The Leap To Lead
Finding Your Big Why

You’ve been through it all, time out of your career, career changes and family dynamics. Then there are those little whispers of dreams you've nudged to the corner of your mind. Deep down, there's a pulse of something more. That's your 'big why', the thing that fuels all you do and dream of. For so many of us, it’s been pushed to the side so often we lose track of what it is. So how do you discover what IT is?

First, grab a cup of your favourite tea, find a cosy spot, and reflect:

Think about your life's pivotal moments. What accomplishments fill you with pride? What activities cause time to fly by? These clues can shine a light on your passions, pointing toward your 'big why'.

Your core values are your compass. They guide your behaviour and choices. Identify what you stand for. When your actions align with your values, that's when your 'big why' begins to surface.

What is the impact you want to have on the world? Think big. For me it is empowering others and supporting women through life's transitions. Your 'big why' might be wrapped up in the legacy you wish to leave behind.

When do you feel most alive? Is it while mentoring, creating, or maybe advocating for causes close to your heart? Recognising what brings you joy is a massive hint toward your big 'why'.

Sometimes, our 'big why' is discovered through experimentation. Take a leap and try new experiences, they can be revealing. Who knows? What starts as a curiosity might evolve into a life-defining purpose.

Share your journey with others. Friends, family, or a coach can offer perspectives that help you see your 'big why' more clearly. They can be your cheerleaders, amplifying your self-discovery.

Finding your 'big why' isn't an overnight endeavour. It's a journey that requires patience. Keep peeling back the layers of your experiences and desires, and you'll find that powerful drive that propels you forward.

Remember, your 'big why' is unique to you. It fuels your passion, guides your decisions, and gives your life that sparkle. If you’re not sure where to start and this all feels overwhelming, then you owe it to yourself to work with me and find your ‘big why’. My coaching doors are open and I’ve got one more spot to start this month. Book a call with me today and let’s talk about how I can support you -


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