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Do you know what your leap is?

coaching parenting self improvement supporting mums take the leap Apr 12, 2022
The Leap To Lead
Do you know what your leap is?

Last week we looked at knowing the signals that it’s time to take a leap, understanding that life has a way of showing us the path we need to take. If you’re feeling frustrated, if you feel tension in your life, if you feel like each thing you have to do is another mountain to climb, then it may be life telling you to explore a different path.

Unfortunately it’s common for women, especially for mothers, to feel a sense of loss as they navigate their path. This feeling of loss can come from different things, it could be a loss of identity, but also a loss of direction. 

If you’ve been a stay at home mum, you’ve given everything to your family and meeting their needs, that when it comes to you and what you want, what you like to do, you actually can’t remember. When you have ‘spare time’ it’s focused on what you need to do for others, not what you want to do for yourself. Have you considered what makes you happy? It can be a really tough question to answer, to find something that is independent of the others in your life. 

If you’re a career mum, you may have lost your identity in the sheer busyness of it all. You’ve been so focused on delivering at work, meeting deadlines and targets, showing up for your team that you’re literally a hamster on a wheel. Doing, doing, doing all the time without the opportunity to look up and out. Especially when you balance that with supporting your family and meeting their needs as well. You get to a point that when someone asks what’s your passion, you pause, you get a blank moment and realise you have no idea? You start to wonder if the career you’re in is the right one for you? You start to ask yourself if there is more you ought to be doing?

So no matter your circumstances, you feel frustrated with your life, you feel tension in your life, you recognise these as signals that you need to make a change, but have no idea what that looks like for you. You find yourself longing to make a change to take the leap, you recognise that you need to, but you have no idea what your leap is.

Not being able to see what your leap looks like is caused by common mindset blocks. I want you to know right now that you’re not alone, there are many women around you feeling just as lost as you are, we just don’t talk about it.

Your limiting beliefs are the stories you tell yourself about who you are that hold you back from taking the leap and leading your life where you want to be. Such as I’m not good enough; or I don’t have any skills; or my family needs me so I can’t do that; or but this is what I’ve always thought I should do - these are all examples of the stories that run through our heads regularly. It is these stories, never spoken aloud, that prevent us from leading our lives where we want to be. We get so caught up in the guilt that we feel this way and the doubt that we’re even good enough, that our lives come to a stand still. We develop a fear of articulating what it is that we want for ourselves, what we like to do, what our passions are. When we are afraid, we can’t see what our leap looks like.

How do you get clarity on your leap? How do you create a vision for your life?

While it is simple, it is not easy. It requires you to dig deep and really understand yourself. Know clearly what your strengths are, and understand how your strengths serve you. Know what drives you, what your passions are and how you want these to manifest in your life. When you piece together your strengths and your passions, you will start to see your path in front of you. When you're clear on how your strengths serve you and how you want to manifest your passions, the leap you need to take is literally laid out in front of you.

Grab a piece of paper right now, write down all of your skills and then highlight which are your strengths. Then ask yourself how can I use my strengths?

The next might be best as a doodle, what lights you up? What can you talk about for hours on end? What topics are you drawn to? These are your passions, ask yourself how do you want these passions to manifest in your life? How do you want to use them?

I encourage you to stop fighting what you’re being drawn to and start to explore what’s possible. Let your mind go free of all the blocks and limiting beliefs, ignore those stories you’ve been telling yourself and consider… what if?

As I mentioned already, you’re not alone. We all go through times where our leap isn’t clear. I was in this space late last year, feeling frustrated, feeling like everything was hard work. When I reached out for help, one of the first questions my coach asked me was “what have you been doing, and how is it different from what you want to do?” This was a light bulb moment for me, I started leaning into what I had been called to do, rather than what I think I should do, and everything else started to fall into place. I could see my path clearly in front of me, and it was exciting and I felt empowered.

If you’re not sure about what your leap looks like, if you’re seeking support and inspiration then maybe the time is right for you to ask for help. I can help you explore the possibilities and get clarity to take your leap. To finally lead your life where you want to be.

Next week we will delve into how to actually take the leap to turn your clarity and your vision into a plan.


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