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Discovering My Passion: How Finding Clarity Has Changed Me

coaching lead your life positive personal change self improvement take the leap Apr 25, 2023
The Leap To Lead
Discovering My Passion: How Finding Clarity Has Changed Me

Life is a journey. There will be moments where everything is clear and you are literally loving the path you’re on. But there will also be moments where you feel frustrated, when your mind feels foggy and you can’t see where you need to go next. That’s life, you can’t avoid the challenges, but they will make you appreciate the positives more. 

The past 18 months I have been on a journey of rediscovery for me. If I’m truly honest 2021 was an incredibly difficult year for me. It was in the midst of this, at the height of my professional challenges, it was one of my last conversations with my dad that changed everything for me. 

Dad could see I wasn’t living up to my potential. He could see that I was frustrated. He could see that there were greater opportunities for me. I didn’t realise how sick he really was at the time, but I guess he knew and he gave me a bit of a talking to lol! He told me I needed to change how I was thinking about myself, and I needed to expand who I was trying to connect with. 

When I look back on this period, yes we lost dad and due to lock down and the closed borders I couldn’t be there. But actually it was more than that. I was frustrated. It felt like everything I was doing was hard work and not landing the way I imagined or wanted it to. I was snapping at my family, the girls were getting my wrath for doing nothing really wrong. I was out of control emotionally and my responses were unreasonable. I was constantly annoyed with my life, but I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t know what to change. I didn’t know how to change. 

I took Dad’s advice to heart and I reached out to a coach I had worked with previously, Amel Derragui of Tandem Nomads. I wasn’t sure what to do next, I didn’t even know if Amel was taking new clients, but I’ve always trusted her guidance so it seemed the right step for me. 

Amel asked me 2 questions when we connected - What have you been doing? And what do you want to do? 

These two questions made me pause. I had been doing some really amazing work, things that I absolutely loved. I had been getting involved in leadership coaching again, but I kept saying to myself (and to others) oh it’s just my old hat, I used to work in Human Resources. I had been supporting women through career transitions, literally changing their direction and their lives. But I kept telling myself, it was because of my work in HR, it wasn’t really part of my business. My business back then, Expat Parenting Abroad, was about supporting families in transition. I couldn’t see how this work that I was loving would fit into in my business.

Then Amel asked me, are you prepared to change? Well, yes I am!

The next few months I spent a lot of time digging deep into me, understanding my strengths and how I wanted them to serve me, how I wanted my strengths to show up in my life. With this reflection work came clarity, I am passionate about empowering women. I want to support women to live their best life. I want to see women living up to their true potential. Working through my passion for empowering women, working through what this would look like for me resulted in the refocus and rebrand to The Leap To Lead just over a year ago. I still work with organisations to support their families in transition, but this work is alongside my passion not instead of. 

Since April 2022, I can honestly share that I am a better person. Living my life in sync with my passions allows me to truly show up for myself, for my family and importantly for my clients. I am more focused, I am more productive and I am getting greater results for myself, for my business and for my clients. Because I am happier, I am healthier and making positive choices. I feel like my life has true meaning, and sharing that with the girls is so rewarding.

In summary, if you are not clear about your passions, if you are living your life without clarity you will easily talk yourself out of things, and you will get frustrated with your life. With clarity, you will feel more positive, productive and know that you are living a meaningful life. Think of clarity as your golden key. Clarity can unlock your dreams so you can achieve what you truly want. 

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