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Demystifying Personal Empowerment

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Demystifying Personal Empowerment

As women, we have a tendency to make life harder than it needs to be. Sometimes we overthink everything that is happening. Sometimes we belittle ourselves. Sometimes we tell ourselves negative stories that only serve to disempower us. Sometimes we put up barriers and make excuses for why it will never be any different.

We all do it, one way or another. We think that living our life with clarity is for the other women. We think that living our life with meaningful experiences is for the other mums at the school gate. We think that we can’t change.

When actually living life with personal empowerment is very simple, and more importantly very achievable. I’m not suggesting it is easy, but it is something you can do. It is not just for the others around you, it’s for you too. 

So let’s start today to demystify personal empowerment, because once you understand it you will know that you too can have it.

What is personal empowerment?
As I have already suggested, personal empowerment is simple. Not easy, but simple. It’s really just three things that come together to make you feel positive, energised and ready for the life you want.

Firstly taking back control, control of your life or control of your work. How, well start by controlling your thoughts. Stop telling yourself that it’s too hard, or it won’t happen, or I don’t have time. Start telling yourself you can do it, you will learn it, you will make time for it, you want to live your life differently. 

Secondly it’s about making positive decisions based on what you truly want. Finding clarity and knowing what you truly want is key to having personal empowerment. So dream big my friend, really big. If there were no obstacles, no boundaries, what do you want in your life? Reflect and get really clear on what ‘it’ is. Once you know what ‘it’ is, you will find decisions are easy to make. You will discover that everything you do aligns with the path you’re on. Your decisions will be positive and focused.

Finally, it’s about being intentional with your actions. Once you know what you truly want, you need to turn that want into a goal. Make it achievable and break down the steps or actions you will take to get there. True personal empowerment requires you to set meaningful goals, and then take action to achieve those goals. As a result you will have more impact over the world around you. When you feel empowered, your confidence and self esteem are positively impacted.

Why is personal empowerment important?

Personal empowerment is the sense that you are in control of your life. It enables you to make positive decisions, and to take action that will bring you closer to achieving your goals and ambitions.

It’s about knowing that you are capable of changing your own life. As a result the decisions you make will be in your best interests as they will be aligned to the goal that you want to achieve. 

When you live your life with personal empowerment you are more resilient, you will feel happier in life, your confidence will boost.

Most importantly, if you are in control of your life and making positive decisions, you are managing your path and you are living a more fulfilling life. You become a better person, a better role model to your family.

So start today, start by reflecting on the things you’re telling yourself and start moving towards an empowered life. It is simple to achieve, and you can do it!


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