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Are you running on an empty tank?

coaching lead your life positive personal change self improvement take the leap Jan 23, 2023
The Leap To Lead
Are you running on an empty tank?

I have been reflecting a lot over the past few weeks, thinking about the clients I work with and why they choose to work with me. 

What I realised is people often come to me because they don’t have enough in the tank to continue their lives the way they have been. They recognise that their tank isn’t full, they feel frustrated and they know they need to change it. 

Whether they are seeking a career change, looking to for better life balance, perhaps even returning to work or starting their own business. People work with me when they are frustrated, and know they need to change their life.

The common thread is feeling frustrated. Frustration is a type of emotional response to stress. It's common to have this feeling when you encounter daily stressors at home, at work, and in relationships. For example, you might get frustrated when your partner forgets to take the rubbish out, or you might become frustrated with yourself for how you responded to your partner's mistake.

In many cases, this frustration is short-lived and tends to pass as the situation changes. But sometimes, such as when you find yourself falling short of your goals or aspirations, it can be longer-lasting and take a more serious toll on your health and well-being. If you continue pursuing a goal without any result, the frustration you feel can lead to other emotions, such as loss of confidence, stress, anger and irritability.

Frustration can show up in the way you react to your family, normal everyday things can set you off and you have an irrational response. You end up ‘taking it out’ on your family, even though you know it’s not really their fault.

If you’re running an empty tank, frustration will be present in your life. It is time to stop and fill your tank, but how? Life is busy, and when we get caught up in busyness, we lose sight of ourselves, who we are, what fills our tank. 

If this is you, start today by discovering your personal strengths. Knowing your strengths will help you to become more resourceful during difficult moments of your life. Furthermore, you will be in an optimal position to take advantage of critical opportunities that only become available when you’re focused on the right kinds of things. 

Second, discover your true passions. Your passions are what can get you through even the worst days. If you are struggling, your dreams and passions are your reason to keep going. They are why you wake up in the morning and try again. They are what makes your entire life worth living, your passions will fill your tank.

Use this information, your strengths and your passions, to map out your vision for your life. How do you want to use your strengths and passions? How do you want to serve with your strengths and passions at your core? Your vision can guide the decisions you make, influence your behaviour and create meaning. 

If all this sounds like something you want to do for yourself, then I am excited to share that my coaching doors are open. I have 3 client spots available starting in February and I invite you to join me. 

Stop wasting your time and energy trying to do this on your own, stop feeling empty with your life. Start now to fill your tank, to gain confidence in yourself and start showing up differently for yourself and your family. If you truly want to fill your tank and feel more confident in yourself, this is your time to show up!

Still not sure? This is what Rachael had to say “I'd forgotten who I was because I was so busy trying to be a full time wife and parent for the last 10 years. Emily helped me rediscover my passions and purpose in life. Now I feel clear about my direction professionally and can enjoy my time with my family.”

Book a free call with me today, and let’s see if one of my coaching packages is right for you - 

What Am I Good At?

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Have you forgotten who you are? You’re so busy being a carer, cook, teacher, parent and partner, you have lost sight of who you really are along the way.

Now is the time to rediscover yourself and get your life back!

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