3 Steps To Thrive In Transition

Are you ready to support the wellbeing of your assignee and their family, providing meaningful and practical support?

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Raising a family can be challenging, doing it when in transition can be overwhelming. Yet, there are simple strategies that can be applied to support families to thrive in transition.

Add this FREE masterclass to your employee wellbeing program and support your assignees family to thrive. 


This MASTERCLASS covers tips for your assignees family:


How To Get Clear On Your Big Why 

Transitions are never smooth, being clear on your big why will make all the different in those tough moments



How To Support Your Family

Supporting your family is actually quite simple - communicate and involve them



How To Make Your Life Simpler

We often tend to complicate life. This is what we learn from childhood. However, keeping things simple can dramatically improve your life. It can reduce stress and give you more time for the things that you love.


"I feel like I'm only just getting through each day, I'm mentally & physically exhausted & I've reached a point where I just can't do anymore." 
Have you ever heard your assignees family share this sentiment? 


Moving can be so overwhelming, it can literally leave people feeling like they could break at the end of the day. It doesn't have to be this way, you can support your assignee and their family to overcome the overwhelm and stress by managing their mindset. It's not elusive, it is literally 3 simple steps. This FREE masterclass will guide them through these steps, with real life examples.
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A Note From Emily, Founder of The Leap To Lead:

Raising a family is challenging, doing it in a foreign context can be overwhelming. Yet, we need not succumb to the overwhelm. There are simple strategies that can be applied every day that will not only make your assignees life easier, but will support their entire family to thrive while living abroad. 

In this collaboration with TEMI, I've put together some of the tips and strategies that work not only for me, but for my clients too. Just like anything else in life, the only way for these tips and strategies to work is to make a commitment.

So here's how your assignees can use this free training. If you choose to add this to your employee wellbeing program, they will simply watch the masterclass, download the cheat sheet and decide which tips resonate best for them. Keeping in mind these are jumping off points, and can be adjusted. 

I'll see you inside the masterclass!


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