The Mums Leap To Lead Summit September 2022

Go from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to in control of your life and career

  • An audio experience focused on taking the leap and leading your life where you want to be
  • Hear from experts in different fields
  • Get your earbuds and walk, work or simply enjoy! 

All interviews are pre recorded, and will be available for you to tune in throughout September. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!


Do you find you feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do? 

Between work and home, there just seems to be a never ending list.

You have been so busy focusing on everyone and everything else, making sure they all have what they want and need. You forgot yourself in the process and you forgot to prioritize your own needs. Now you get to the end of the day, you just feel exhausted and not rewarded.

You’ve noticed lately that you’re snapping at your kids and partner, the smallest things seem to build up and then you suddenly explode. You know you shouldn’t raise your voice, you know you shouldn’t get sarky, you know you shouldn’t be grumpy… but you just can’t help it!

Yesterday you skipped the exercise, you felt you didn’t have enough time with everything else you needed to get done. But let’s be honest, you did manage to spend at least 20 minutes sitting on the couch scrolling through your phone. You know this is not the way it should be. You know you’d feel better after exercising, but it’s so hard to make it a part of your routine.

Have you noticed you say “yes” to everything you’re asked to do. Have you heard the saying, if you want something done, give it to a busy person. The reason this happens is because you’re good, you get sh*t done, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of yourself. 

Do you feel like you should be making better choices and decisions? Not only for yourself, but for your family. You can, once you know how to remove the fog from your life.

Have you noticed that your worry, your overthinking and your exhaustion robs you of being present and enjoying life as it is right now? 


Are you wondering how you let your life get to this point? 


Are you wanting to take the leap and lead your life where you want to go?

The Mums Leap to Lead Summit

September 2022

In this audio summit, you will find a panel of experts who not only understand how you feel and how you got to this point, but can provide you with simple tips to reclaim your life and your career.

Thanks to this summit, you will take the leap and lead your life where you want to go. You will establish positive routines, and you will finish your day feeling good about yourself and your life.

Why does it matter? When you are in control you have the ability to:

  • speak to your kids with compassion;
  • support your partner; 
  • say no to what’s not good for you;
  • move beyond bad habits;
  • finally have the time and space that you want and need in your life;
  • finish your day feeling proud of yourself!

The topics included in this audio summit are:

  • Nutrition for busy families
  • Social media and your kids
  • Productivity in the home
  • Breathing for stress & anxiety
  • Your money mindset
  • Leading your life's second act  

Plus a bonus live workshop Overcoming Career Plateaus: Simple Steps Mums Can Take To Reinvigorate Their Career. An interactive workshop, you will discover why career plateaus happen and the simple steps you can take to move your career forward again. Join live Tuesday 27 September 10am Auckland, 6am Singapore, 6pm New York, 11pm London. 

Your Experts

Wick Nixon, Wicked Wellbeing

Hey there, I’m Wick Nixon from Wicked Wellbeing and I educate and inspire healthy eating. My goal is to motivate, support and guide you in your quest for nutritious and delicious meals, a balanced lifestyle and where you make your own health a priority, with less stress and way more appreciation. Are you up for it?

I’m an award-winning author of two healthy kids’ lunchbox cookbooks, a health coach, a mother of 3 teenagers and an all-round super passionate foodie! 


Rachael Ansar, Monkey Puzzle Solutions

Rachael is a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals, Director of Membership for NAPO Colorado and owner of Monkey Puzzle Solutions. Originally from the UK, she has been living in the US for more than a decade with her husband and three children.

Rachael provides consultancy and coaching services aimed to help people who feel overwhelmed with disorganization. She helps clients to build the skills and habits needed to successfully implement organized and more productive approaches in managing busy lifestyles or businesses. Her passion for coaching, finding creative solutions and resourcefulness empowers her clients to approach their personal or professional goals with clarity and ease.

Andrea Schmitt, Global Girl Coach

As a certified Life Coach for teen girls and young female adults who also holds a bachelor’s in psychology, Andrea supports girls from expat families who struggle while they are living aboard. 

She helps teen girls boost their self-confidence, manage stressors and handle specific TCK (Third Culture Kid) issues. 

Andrea is a mom of a 22-year-old TCK, a seasoned expat with over 25+ years of experience in 9 countries and a TEDx speaker.

She offers her online coaching in three languages.

Dina Cezina, The Breathe Clinic

Dina Ceniza is a breathing coach and certified Buteyko Practitioner. She is the founder of The Breathe Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand and sees clients both online and in-person.

She helps people with chronic hyperventilation which usually manifests as asthma, hayfever, allergies, insomnia, snoring, sleep apnoea, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and stress. She does this by taking her clients through the Buteyko Method of breathing retraining and helps bring their day-to-day breathing back on track and allows them to breathe easier, sleep deeper, be calmer and have more energy.

Her mission, and passion, is to help people breathe their way to better health and peak performance.

Jennifer McKinley, The Beauty Of Profit First

Jennifer is a global serial entrepreneur, who has built several consumer brands over the years, including Cor Silver, an award-winning high end treatment skincare line that is sold around the world in places like Harrod’s and Harvey Nichols.

She is also a seasoned consultant having worked around the world with companies such as The Boston Consulting Group and IBM.

More recently, Jennifer has married her consulting with her small business ownership capabilities to become New Zealand’s only certified Profit First Professional Coach. She helps small business owners navigate the difficulties of cash flow management, while also working on any money mindset issues that might crop up with her clients. 

Emily Rogers, The Leap To Lead

An award winning coach, I support women to take the leap and lead their lives where they want to go. Together we work through the issues that all women, especially mothers, experience supporting them to take the lead in their own lives.

I love working with my clients! I love asking the questions that cause them to pause and rethink what they’ve always assumed. I love seeing them grow in themselves, become more confident and at the same time better parents.

Whether a stay at home or career mum, I want to provide you with the support you deserve to lead your life where you want to go!


How Does The Summit Work?

All interviews are pre recorded, and will be available for you to tune in throughout September. The summit is an audio experience, where you will hear from guest experts on topics that will support you to take back control of your life and your career.

The total tune in time is 2 hours, you can totally binge this in one go :-) But each episode is only 20 minutes, so you can consume in bite sized moments too. We know you are already juggling so much, we wanted to create something that is short, high quality and super impactful.

Plus you're invited to a special live workshop - Overcoming Career Plateaus: The Simple Steps Mums Can Take To Reinvigorate Their Career. We know that having the opportunity to connect, exchange, share and get inspiration from other like minded women is an important part of our learning. Join Emily LIVE for this workshop, Tuesday 27 September 10am Auckland, 6am Singapore, 6pm New York, 11pm London. 

"The Summit was very informative, positive and uplifting. Great if you need some direction or a little boost to take your own leap. Overall, it was motivational and empowering."

Katrina, May 2022

Whether you’re a stay at home mum looking for more, or a working mum who wants a better balance, you’re in the right place!

By the end of this summit you will:


Experience the feeling of 'coming home' with a panel of women who understand you.


Gain insights from experts who will share practical tips that you can start using immediately.


Learn how to have a better balance while still achieving all you need to.


You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life.
Tune into the audio summit it's completely FREE!


"The Summit provided a good range of topics which are applicable to all mums. Overall I found it really interesting."

Jo, May 2022

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