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Imagine waking up each morning ready to serve yourself and your family!

You can feel this way without trading one for the other!

Are you ready to value yourself?


Are you ready to take ownership for who you really are?


Are you ready to step into your vision of your best life?

Have you forgotten who you are? You’re so busy being a carer, cook, teacher, parent and partner, you have lost sight of who you really are along the way. Now is the time to rediscover your strengths and passions and get your life back!

You’ve found yourself in a spiral of negative self-talk, constantly switching between “what could I do” and “who would want me”. As a result your self esteem has tanked and you feel like crap.

Are you tired of giving everything to your family, running errands, sorting their lives, being Uber Mum! Do you wish you had something for yourself? Do you wish you had something a little more meaningful?

Perhaps you’re working full time, and while you thought this was your dream role, you’re now wondering if there isn’t more you ought to be doing? More you’re capable of? A better way to use your skills and strength?

Do you feel guilty when you want to have some time for yourself? I’m not talking massages and pedicures, I’m talking real time to explore your interests, your passions, to invest in what really drives you.

Are you tired of being taken for granted by your family and sometimes your friends? Do you find yourself dreaming of a different life, but not quite able to see it clearly?

Every day life is the same - it’s a humdrum of this and that, but at the end of the day when you flop on the couch exhausted you realise you haven’t done anything meaningful. Frankly, you’re fed up with this SH*T! You want more!

Rachael Ansar

This was such a positive experience! I'd forgotten who I was because I was so busy trying to be a full time wife and parent for the last 10 years. Emily helped me rediscover my passions and purpose in life. Now I feel clear about my direction professionally and can enjoy my time with my family.

There will never be a perfect time to create your own powerful story...

The sheer busyness of life will always get in the way, unless you make a conscious decision right now to do something about it. Create YOUR vision for YOUR life, decide now to do things differently.

This is your opportunity to get clear about your direction AND enjoy this time with your family. 

Put all that nasty self-talk to bed, and start loving yourself… without the guilt. Take action now to remove the lock that’s been holding you back for so long and start loving your day again.

Whether you’re:

  • A stay at home mum, who has loved being available for the family, but is ready for something else. Ready for something more. Wondering what that might be?
  • A career mum, you thought you loved your career, but lately you’re wondering if there isn’t something more you ought to be doing?
  • A busy mum who between work and family has lost a sense of self. What do I like to do with my spare time? What do I do that’s for me? What hobbies do I enjoy? You really want a better balance and focus going forward.

You’re in the right place, and I’m going to share exactly how this 3 month coaching program will give you the tools, the step by step process, and the unparalleled support to see you create YOUR vision for YOUR life!

With this 3 month coaching program

You will renew your confidence in yourself by knowing with certainty your strengths and your passions AND how they can best serve you in your life.

It doesn’t matter the outcome you want - return to work, start your own business or simply rediscover your hobbies, thanks to the next 3 months, you will rediscover what drives you and you will create your vision to live the life you want. 

After just 3 months, you will walk away with complete clarity and a detailed action plan for clarifying and achieving your vision.

No longer will you feel blah, no longer will your feelings outweigh your actions, you will know what you want AND what you need to do to FINALLY have it.

3 Outcomes You Can Expect From The Vision Lab

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Completed 6 x 45 minute private coaching sessions that will work through specific activities tailored to ensure you have complete clarity in your life, including coaching notes as a record of each session
  • Created a vision that provides clarity on what you crave, what your dreams are, and understand how your passions drive you
  • A comprehensive list of your skills and your strengths, you will know which of these will support you moving forward
  • Worked through printable worksheets that will support you to make key decisions
  • Regained confidence in yourself, what you can do and know where you can add value to your life
  • Planned for the mindset challenges that can derail you when your wanting to create positive change in your life
  • Developed a detailed action plan that is totally unique to you, that will support you in achieving your vision 
  • Feel supported with unlimited WhatsApp and Email support to ask questions, share wins and get unstuck 
  • Explored the bonus resources that support each module

Suzanne Lovrincevic

I had very low self esteem and a negative mindset. I'd just moved country, finished my 14 day quarantine and was about to enter the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. As a result of working with Emily in this course I no longer "beat myself up" for not doing things I think are important. I make time for 'me' after work and I don't feel the guilt I used to feel. I'm more organised and much more honest when discussing my thoughts and feelings.

When you enrol in The Vision Lab, you'll get:

  • 6 x private 45 minute coaching sessions that will work through specific activities tailored to ensure you have complete clarity in your life, including coaching notes as a record of each session (valued NZ$390 each)
  • Printable worksheets that will support you to make key decisions (valued NZ$75)
  • Bonus resources that support each module (valued NZ$100)
  • Dedicated support to ask questions, share wins and get unstuck via WhatsApp & Email (valued NZ$180)

The total value is NZ$2,695, but you can invest today for just NZ$2,597 or 3 monthly instalments of NZ$927.

One Off Payment


  • 6 x private coaching sessions
  • Printable worksheets 
  • Bonus resources
  • Support via WhatsApp or Email

3 x Monthly Payments


  • 6 x private coaching sessions
  • Printable worksheets 
  • Bonus resources
  • Support via WhatsApp or Email
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A Coaching Client

If you are wanting to achieve a goal but are unsure how to get there Emily has the insight, skills and professionalism to help you. She manages to break down the goal into bite size chunks from the beginning to the end goal in sight. At all times Emily is wise, helpful and very easy to talk to. She has the ability to clear away the clutter occupying your mind and make you see things more clearly. I highly recommend Emily, she has a real gift for helping people and always offers advice with compassion and kindness.

I personally cannot wait to guide you over the next 3 months!

Getting clarity on what I want and taking steps to have it, has literally transformed my life. 

I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from wanting more in my life, but not knowing what that looks like, to being at the helm of my very own business. While each of us want different things, from a new hobby, to volunteer work, to returning to part time work, more than anything I wanted to share that I get it.

If you find yourself wanting more from your life, you owe it to yourself to take the plunge to see what your life could look like. To experience first hand the fulfilment that can be achieved in life. 

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 3 months will be completely and utterly life changing for you and your family.

I look forward to supporting you.

Best wishes,

Emily x

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