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Her Life: Friendships & Connection In Midlife

Season #3

Welcome to "Her Life: Wisdom and Tips For Every Woman". Life is often characterised by seasons of transition and self-discovery. This series is about sharing stories, experiences, wisdom and practical tips for women no matter where they are or what they’re doing right now.

In this episode we hear from Alex Alexander of Friendship IRL Podcast. 

Alex wears many hats as a founder, speaker, host of the Friendship IRL Podcast, and author of "Are We Friends Yet?" (releasing in early 2024), but her work always centres around one passion - exploring the dynamics of community and friendship in our daily lives, uncovering what's working and what's not. 

Alex provides relatable examples and practical insights through her work, empowering you to create a support system that genuinely resonates with you.

In this episode with Alex you will:

  • Discover why friendships are so important to your wellbeing
  • Learn why making friends is different for men and women
  • Understand the challenges we have later in life making new friends
  • Know what you can do to start creating new friendships


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